Find the answers to some of the more frequently asked questions about Max Fitness from people such as yourself


What’s the cost of investment to have your fitness specialists come to my home?

As every person is different and requires their own unique program as part of our quality of service we recommend you fill out the ‘One Minute Questionnaire’ and contact us, to find out what packages would be optimally best suited for you.

Where does Max Fitness operate?

Max Fitness covers Brisbane Eastern suburbs and surrounding area.

Who runs Maximum Strength & Fitness?

Max Fitness was Founded and operated by fitness professional Neil Fairley. You can find out more about Neil and Max Fitness here.

Does Max Fitness just train other sports men and women or do they train anyone interested?

We train everyone interested in achieving a higher quality of life. We believe you can do this from the benefit of your own home, but only under the best professional guidance available, which is part of our core service standards.