About Max Fitness

Hi I’m Neil Fairley, Fitness Professional for over a decade and founder of MaxFitness Mobile Personal Training.

Let me ask you this, have you ever been so busy, you wished the gym just came to you?

Well now it does with Max Fitness Mobile Personal Training. We know how busy life can get these days and how your health gets pushed aside more and more with every passing day.

That’s why in 2005, I created the ultimate health and fitness solution for even the busiest of people. No more travelling to busy gyms, no more babysitters.

We bring the gym, to you!

Have the gym set up in the comfort and privacy of your own home, enabling you to finally get the maximum results you deserve.

Here at MaxFitness Mobile Personal Training, you’ll find the most time efficient and convenient personal training service in the market that caters to all health and fitness needs, while working in with your busy schedule.

MaxFitness Mobile Personal Training is based in Wakerley, servicing the surrounding suburbs. If you are in the Brisbane Eastern suburbs and looking for a longer, healthier and richer lifestyle, then don’t wait any more, we have a program just for you.

Yours in life
Neil Fairley