1 on 1 Personal Training

Have a busy life?

Hard to find time for health and fitness?

Then Max Fitness is for you and here’s why;

We offer the ultimate mobile personal training solution, saving you time by bringing the gym to you.

  • No more babysitters
  • No more commuting in traffic
  • No more sweaty gym equipment

Look and feel better than you ever have before, in the comfort and privacy of your own home.

Enquire about our couples discount with your partner training for half price!

Perfect for parents with kids to train without leaving the house or paying expensive child care fees.

If you’re in the Brisbane Eastern suburbs, and it’s important for you to have a healthier life, live longer and have more energy, then head over and fill out the ‘One Minute’ Questionnaire‘ and one of our specialists will contact you for your …

FREE complimentary session

We work with people of all levels of fitness

More added benefits include;

  • One on One and Couples
  • Post workout stretch session
  • Opportunity to train for events as a team member that Max Fitness is involved in such as, Fun Runs, Triathlons and Sporting Teams

Currently Servicing the Brisbane East suburbs

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