About Neil

At Maxfitness I believe my ability to have the most positive effect on others is tied to my transparency and honesty. It starts with me Neil Fairley, the Founder of Maxfitness. Below you can read about my company values, mission and vision to empower people.


Most business owners in my experience are trying to engineer their way out of their businesses. As the expression goes ‘To work on the business not in the business.’

Make’s sense if your priority is profit margin or expanding into ever increasing markets and searching for more and more opportunities to generate revenue. However in doing this you dilute two of my very top values.

Connection and Quality. I just can’t justify sacrificing the connection I have to members of my community or the quality of service I provide. Rather than trying to expand into new locations and markets, it’s far more fulfilling for me to deepen and improve the connection I have with my community, maintain the highest quality of service and stay in the space I’m in.

Those two values along with simplicity, contribution and having a growth mindset all need to be met before I choose to take on a challenge.

The Journey

Growing up there were 2 things that really captured my attention the most. Sport and Fitness. If I was moving and there was competition, I was happy. Athletics Day, Cross Country and the Swimming Carnival were the best 3 days on the school calendar. Endless backyard sports, weekend Rugby and competing in local Triathlons occupied my mind most of the time.

After realising I was far too big and heavy for a Triathlete and injury took Rugby off the table I turned to the fitness industry in 2004 and from day one I haven’t looked back. I leaned towards mobile personal training as that was where I got a better connection to clients and could provide a higher quality service.

As the fitness industry is predominantly early mornings and evenings I complimented Maxfitness with a kids sports business called Pocket Rocket Sports and the two have both provided a great deal of joy to this day.

The big dream however, has always been to have my own private home studio and swimming pool and in 2020 the dream was realised and a new chapter within the fitness industry begun.


I struggle to find anything more important than confidence and self belief. Think about it, whatever you decide to commit to and take on, whatever you decide to try and accomplish will require a certain level of confidence for you to take action. In tern the significance of the challenges I seek will be directly correlated to a persons confidence in themselves.

If you’re not confident, you’ll be reluctant to take on significant challenges. Don’t get me wrong I love fun, having a coffee looking at the ocean, family holidays but one of my favourite quotes is ‘the effect you have on others is the most valuable currency there is’ and I just don’t see that happening if I sit on a beach for too long.

You need confidence in what career you’d like to pursue, to start relationships, to do personal development work, to dream and of course you can’t have any of those without your health!

After training and coaching thousands of people I find I’m most fulfilled if I’m helping people with their self belief and confidence as this is the basis to take on any challenge. Whatever the world presents us with in the future, you can be sure the kids of today will need their confidence to be optimised if they are to navigate the road ahead.

My vision is to simply give as many people as possible the capacity to accept or reject any challenge in life with the absence of fear.

The Mission

So how does one become confident? For the longest time I didn’t really know. I knew I was helping a lot of people become more confident but it wasn’t through a thorough understanding, it was happening intuitively until one day a mentor pushed me into thinking more deeply on the subject and find out exactly what I was doing. Here is where my 7 Keys to Confidence evolved or as I’ve reframed them from a fitness standpoint for Maxfitness the 7 Keys to Fitness.

Essentially its a methodology that any confident person has had to follow in any area of life and its the methodology I use with anybody I’m working with. I see a fundamental mistake in the way most people approach their health and fitness, allowing external fear based factors to drive their motivation.

Most industry use these fears and insecurities to profit however once people have an understanding of the 7 keys, they’re able to find their internal drive to a point where no external motivation is needed to maintain their health and fitness. It’s a big mission for sure, but to use the most simple and honest approach to fitness possible, help people to break free from the cycle of fear in order to maintain their health and fitness goals is a mission I’m willing to take on. With confidence 🙂

The 7 Keys

Achieve your goals without fear! Experience life without fear!


The most simple and honest approach to fitness!

What Our customers say

I originally sought out Neil for Pocket Rockets Sports for my kids and only later discovered he was also a personal trainer. If only I had discovered his PT talents earlier! I hate gyms and I struggled to consistently 'do something' and push myself. The benefits of Neil extend beyond the obvious of convenience, consistency and improved fitness.

Through his constant motivation and support, Neil has educated and enabled me to incorporate physical activity back into my busy day-to-day living. At home, my young kids see this as a normal and healthy part of life and often join in, to which Neil always supports. Over time, I have found I am more able and keen to fit additional physical activity into my routine, and inspire others to do the same. I am stronger, more toned than I have ever been in my life. That's something I'm very proud of.
I’m the guy who got into PT partly to encourage my wife to do it and partly dragged in to try it. To my surprise I believe I’m now the fittest and strongest I’ve ever been. Benching well over my body-weight and doing weighted chin-ups. The benefits of Neil extend beyond the obvious of convenience, consistency and improved fitness—I seem to have lost weight from areas on that really needed it!
I am the strongest and healthiest I have ever been since doing a PT session once a week with Neil. My metabolism, energy levels have increased, meaning I have lost weight while building muscle at the same time. I feel more toned than ever—even better than pre kids. PT also been great for my mental agility—strong, healthy body equates to a strong, healthy mind.

The weekly PT session provides a good base around which I can build other exercise and as a result I fit more in to my week (while working four days and with two kids under 10 yo).

One of the really great benefits was that Neil adjusted my training so I could still do my sessions while recovering from knee injury and surgery (my own fault). This enabled me to maintain my upper body strength and also aided a speedier recovery as we introduced leg work. Neil also has taught me to be more aware of my body while training and adjusted my fitness goals to improve my results yet remain injury free. No down time for me—over the two years (Neil how many months?) I have only missed my PT session three times due to knee surgery.
Neil’s focus on strength training with intensity gets results that I would not have achieved slogging it out by myself. I would not normally attempt bench pressing by myself at a gym. Having Neil spot me and ensure I have correct posture and technique enabled me to bench press a PB of 55kg!

I highly recommend Neil as a PT if you want to achieve your fitness goals and keep (or build on) them.
It's all about the B's (and somehow striking the right balance).

I'm not your sporty kind of guy. This is mainly because my favourite hobbies are drinking craft Beer and eating lots of good quality Barbecue (smoked brisket, ribs, kranskys etc). I enjoy these vices quite a lot, and suffice to say, these pursuits aren't really that sustainable unless I cut consumption of these "good B's", down to ridiculously low levels (and no sir, that ain't going to happen......).

So I took up PT. Not too much, just one day a week.

I've opted for one session a week, as it's important to not have too many of the "bad B's" (Barbells, Bench-presses, Burpees, Bicep-curls, Butt-flexes etc). You need to strike a balance that allows you to do the things that you want, in a sustainable manner. The session I do each Tuesday morning really does enable the "good B's" (Beer and BBQ). I've discovered it also keeps Beloved (wifey) and Belly, in-check as-well! I like to think that I've found a happy medium between all the B's in my life (well....it was probably Neil).

Neil has proven to be a very patient guy, and also very clever. He can see right through my cunning plans. Consequently, he makes me work hard on the days I'm there, to really get the most out of each session. I'm definitely not there to break records or be the fastest, nonetheless, Neil ensures technique, form and posture are maintained at all times. I can say his expertise has been pretty handy at times, over the past few years we've been able to continue strength and fitness building despite an array of self-inflicted injuries (several dislocated shoulders, several broken ribs, shoulder surgery, whooping cough, torn calf muscles, ruptured discs and torn back ligaments). Neil obviously understands these types of issues in exceptional detail, as we've been able to work with these injuries in a gentle manner that facilitates recovery.

One session a week is a great starting point for people like me, you can easily build other healthy and active habits off this base.

It really is about striking the balance of the B's. Am I happy.....Hell Yeah!

Experience Life Without Fear

Connect with Neil today and be prepared to change the way you view fitness forever!